The right story, in the right context, for the right people. I've been inventing, shaping, telling and delivering those stories to global audiences for over 10 years. I'm a creative, writer and strategic thinker, I've worked with some of the world's biggest brands, and I'm always looking for the next story to tell.


I've been a Creative Director at some of the UK's best agencies - R/GA, AMV, VCCP, Publicis and others. Here's some of my favourite work.


I write about food and drink - features, reviews and odd stuff that catches my attention - for Root+Bone in London, Bon Appetit in the US and anyone else who'll have me.

"Beautiful and life-affirming" - Guy Garvey

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Bangladesh and Bacon Naans

Why do the spicy, rich flavours of a former colony delight our traditionally conservative UK palates? How does politics affect the business of Indian cuisine? And just how authentic is a bacon naan?

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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Brighton

There are many fine places for you to eat in Brighton, but here’s my favourite three.

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The Restaurant at Guantanamo Bay

It wove a spell, conjuring up an imaginary rush of flavour that could push the men out of their cells, settle them around a table, and let them feast in freedom.


I've been producing and hosting the Root+Bone podcast since 2019. We find the people we love the most from UK food culture - cooks, chefs, producers, writers and more - then invite ourselves over. 


They cook a meal that really means something to them, and while they do it, we talk. We've had some brilliant and revealing chats with Vivek Singh from Cinnamon Club, Richard H Turner from Hawksmoor and Blacklock, and heard the worst customer behaviour story ever from Kricket founder Will Bowlby. 


We're gearing up for Season 2 right now - if there's someone you dream of hearing on it, let me know. 

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